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About Thermostat ltd

With over 15 years experience in commercial and industrial refrigeration and air conditioning, we at Thermostat Ltd pride ourselves on giving a prompt and cost effective solution to all your refrigeration needs.


We specialise in the service, repair and installation of all types of refrigeration and air conditioning, such as:


  • Walk in Coldrooms

  • Bar and cellar cooling

  • Bulk milk tanks

  • Freezers/chillers

  • Ice machines

  • Shop refrigeration

  • Water coolers

  • Specialised cooling

  • Air conditioning


Whether you are a small shop or have a large production facility we at Thermostat Ltd can provide the service you require. Here are some of the outlets in which we provide our services.


  • Restaurants

  • Takeaways

  • Shops

  • Funeral parlors

  • Butchers

  • Food processing

  • Pubs and Clubs

  • Engineering


Even when we can't make it the same day, we will be there within 24 hours.

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