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Air Conditioning Installations

Our committed and professional team are able to provide expert air conditioning installation. Working with all types of units, including ducted/bulkhead, cassette, floor/ceiling, outdoor, multi-split systems and wall-mounted, we can install your new equipment with the minimum of fuss and disruption to your home life or business operations.

Our skilled workforce can undertake domestic and commercial air conditioning installations around London, the M40 and M4 corridor. We can visit your home or commercial premises and offer site surveys and free quotations. We are keen to offer the benefit of our years of industry experience through informed guidance, and advising on the most appropriate and cost-effective solutions for your requirements, taking into account room size and budgets.

Domestic and Commercial Air Conditioning

Domestic air conditioning units are perfect for the living room, conservatory, bedrooms and playrooms – in fact pretty much any requirement can be met with air conditioning.

It is a little known fact but air conditioning units will filter the air of pollutants such as dust and bacteria in addition to controlling humidity. This is essential in combating illness and those little sniffles we all suffer from occasionally, as well as tackling allergies. Modern equipment emits minimal noise too, meaning there is limited disturbance in the home and you can enjoy your surroundings in peace and quiet.

Air conditioning heating systems will deliver up to three times the efficiency of traditional central heating as they transform energy into heat, as opposed to actually burning fuel. This will minimise usage and wastage, ensuring bills are kept to a minimum despite soaring energy prices. You would even be doing your bit for the environment too.

Many manufacturers now offer heating and cooling from the same unit, meaning homeowners can have a year-round solution from one cost-effective system. Climate control in a domestic setting has never been

Types of Commercial Air Conditioning:

Floor and ceiling mounted units
A slim and lightweight option that are perfect for areas where no wall space is available, or to free up wall space that may be required for other things. These offer a wide coverage area of cooling/heating.

Wall mounted units
The most commonly used type of air conditioning – especially in critical environments such as server rooms. They are quick to install as well as being cost-effective, and the beauty of these units is that warm/cool air can easily be directed to all four corners of a room.

Ducted or Bulkhead systems
Installed within the ceiling area, meaning they are barely noticeable to the naked eye. Whilst they may be the most expensive, these units offer the greatest coverage, as well as being the most aesthetically-pleasing.

Cassette Units
An ideal choice for installations inside false ceilings, as only the decorative panel is visible. Cassette systems are managed via a remote control, and offer a smooth and modern interior finish.

Multi-Split Systems
These can condition the air of anything from one to seven rooms, using only one outdoor unit. These enable individualised control of the air in each room, which maximises comfort while keeping running costs to a minimum.

Outdoor Air Conditioning Units
These blend smoothly into the external character of a building and require minimal installation space. Outdoor heat pump units can handle temperatures that traditional systems cannot, from minus ten degrees to a balmy 46 degrees.

We service, repair & install all brands

We offer repair, maintenance and installation of the all major brands of HVAC & Refrigeration equipment.

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